From raw material to the finished product

G&B Inox specializes in metal constructions and works in stainless steel, iron, and aluminum (as well as other metals). They are based in the Florence region, with clients throughout Italy and beyond national borders.

The company is structured to handle everything from the raw material, using its own technologies and expertise, to the finished product, perfectly refined as agreed upon with the client. They also undertake contract work based on client projects.


In-house design office

G&B Inox’s internal design team consists of highly qualified experts ready to turn client ideas into concrete solutions. Thanks to their experience and expertise, they offer a tailored service aimed at specific requests.

The use of comprehensive 3D software allows our design office to work efficiently and collaborate easily with clients, ensuring clear communication and a full understanding of technical details.

This approach enables us to optimize the production process, reducing time and costs while ensuring the highest quality of our products. We are proud to offer innovative and cutting-edge solutions in line with our clients’ requests and expectations.

G&B Inox

Constructions in stainless steel, iron, aluminum 

Constructions in stainless steel, iron, aluminum.


In the mechanical production sector, G&B Inox from Florence mainly deals with stainless steel, but also iron, aluminum, and other metals (including copper and brass). With these materials, tailor-made projects can be realized for the client’s needs, starting from 3D design, producing prototypes, and large-scale production of every kind of object, from large format to tasks requiring the highest precision standards.


  • STAINLESS STEEL: Certainly the sector the company works most in and for which it is known, but they continue to research many other materials.
  • IRON: A classic in metalwork with high resistance features. A material that offers numerous possibilities and works, for both external and internal design.
  • ALUMINUM: A material known for its flexibility and lightness, meeting the mechanical requirements of even the most demanding projects (including large formats 2000×3000).
  • OTHER METALS: Beyond the most commonly used materials, productions can be made in other metals like copper, brass, and more.



  • LASER CUTTING: Ensures maximum precision on all materials, even on large formats. Innovative solutions to reduce waste.
  • LASERTUBE: Three-dimensional works on tubes of a wide range of sizes. Waste reduction with innovative software.
  • CNC BENDING: High precision bending to create machinery components and many other items.
  • ALUMINUM AND PLASTIC WORKS WITH H7 TOLERANCE: Careful attention to detail and quality.



  • 3D DESIGN: Undoubtedly the sector where the Tuscan company works most and for which it is renowned, both in Italy and abroad.
  • PAINTING & TREATMENTS: We have several partners specialized in industrial-level painting and treatments.
  • ASSEMBLY: We have a dedicated area exclusively for mechanical and electrical assembly.
  • LOGISTICS AND SHIPMENTS: Maximum punctuality in delivery, with optimized logistical solutions.

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